Klenkes Cup (EN)

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Second AKC – Sixes Edition

14-08-2021 | 35 € per Team

Team max. 12 players. First Come – First Served.

Originated in 2018 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Aachen Lacrosse and continued in 2019 Klenkes Cup is back after one year of involuntary break – this year as the Sixes Edition, to provide players as well as refs the possibility to get to know the new format.


  • Turnament in the by World Lacrosse recently introduced format „Sixes“
  • Fastest shot competition
  • BBQ
  • Drinking beer
Very much in the spirit of the „sixes“ format this year’s turnament is to be much less extensive then its predecessors. Instead the entirety of the event shall take place on a single day, so that any other activities such as barbequing and beer-drinking must be done on the same day. Nonetheless we will probably be able to make arrangements for players who either need or want to arrive a day early or leave a day late.

Game mode

In both the men’s and women’s turnament, 4 teams take part and compete directly in knockout mode. 3rd place is played out so that each team has 2 games.


Game time:
4 × 8 min. ; Breaks: 2, 5, 2 min.

  • Up to 12 players, among them at least one goalie
  • 6 players on the field at a time
Shot Clock:
30 sec. from the gain of posession ; Reset on the ball touching either the goal or the goalie inside their crease and on turnovers etc.

Only at the start of a period ; after a scored goal the goaly brings the ball back into play

Abolished. The ball is always awarded to the team that did not last touch the ball.


The registration for the torunament can be done here (teams and refs).

Deadline: 24.06.2021 (refs exclusive)

Corona Protocol

The tournament will take place as long as the legal framework regarding the Corona virus allows it (as of 16-06-2021 this is the case). There will also be appropriate rules (e.g. at least a test request, but if necessary also obligation) to guarantee a safe tournament.

Links and Downloads


To contact us
  • talk to head organizer Joshua (contact) in important matters,
  • directly send us an email to klenkes-cup@laix.de or
  • use the form below.

Past Events

First AKC (30.08. – 01.09.2019)

25 €

Program / Offer

Fr., 08/30

  • BBQ

Sa., 08/31

  • Small pitch tournament
  • Dinner buffet
  • Party at Nightlife club

So., 09/01

  • Relaxed departure
The First Aachener Klenkes Cup will begin on Friday with informally barbecuing at an Aachen Lacrosse alumni’s place.
On Saturday the small pitch tournament will be played, followed by the buffet dinner including celebrations. Finally we’ll all together hit the dance floor at Nightlife club.
Sunday will be left for a relaxed departure and journey home.


The registration for any parts of torunament and the program is made here (not available) for all participants (whole teams, late registrations, pick-ups, party guests).

Deadline: 18.08.2019